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Pre-Wedding Questionnare

Please use this form below to give us as much information about your day as you can. We realise that it might not be entirely relevant as every wedding is different but hopefully you can use it to let us know where people will be, and when, and what is happening! The more we know about the day in advance the better!

We aim to capture all of the small details as well as the atmosphere and emotion during your day. We have a set list of our usual things to capture. However, if you're planning on having something different on your day then please let us know so that we don't miss it. We'd also love to know what the most important shots to you are!

Bridal/Groom Prep (Person 1)

In most cases, we will be attending Bridal Prep only (unless this has been arranged beforehand), Our usual start time is 2 hours before the Ceremony. We aim to get some shots of the Groom and Groomsmen at the Ceremony location. 

Bridal/Groom Prep (Person 2)

Thanks for submitting!

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